Thermoplastics and polymers are increasingly replacing metals and glass in construction engineering and industrial applications. They are easily molded and fused as they melt in high temperatures and harden when cooled to create seamless shapes and forms. With mechanical and insulation properties that deliver on performance, they add additional value as they are non-toxic, cost-effective, and light-weight.

UPVC and PMMA profiles are often seen used in place of aluminum profiles in window and door frames and curtain wall facades as they provide seam-less bends, various design choices, and many other mechanical and economic advantages.

Polycarbonate & acrylic (PMMA) sheets, and rigid PVC can be seen in outdoor signs, automotive applications, architectural cladding and facades, and inside buildings as decorative components exchanging traditional glass and metal panels.

Our protection tape range for performance plastics is natural rubber-based, with low- to medium-tack adhesive.

Available in : White and Black / White Film


  • Co-Extruded, LDPE film with high-UV resistance
  • Low-, medium-, and high-tack adhesive backing
  • Natural rubber and acrylic solvent adhesives demonstrate ‘easy-peel’ characteristics
  • Suitable for rigorous fabrication methods such as roll-forming, bending, and cutting
  • Easy un-wind and stain-free removal
  • Extensive color range for printing of logo to enhance brand identity. (Up to 4 colors)
  • Specially designed for Laser-cutting
  • Economical and easy to use in almost all conditions
  • Long- outdoor aging
Film:Co-Extruded, UV treated, Low Density Polyethylene
Thickness:35 – 150 microns (based on customer requirements)
Color:Black/White, Black/Black, Clear Transparent, Blue Transparent
Width:25 mm up to 1320 mm
Length:50 meters up to 1500 meters
Max Diameter of Roll:280 mm
Core Thickness:6mm and 10mm
Diameter of Core:76 mm
Adhesive:Natural Rubber, Acrylic Solvent
Printability:Logo up to 4 colors based on Pantone guides
Shelf Life:6 months at room temperature in dry/clean environment in original packaging
Durability:6-12 months upon use, depending on application


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