Printed Packaging Tapes

Bopp Printed Packaging Tape

Printing options on packaging tapes are increasingly being used for branding & advertising, inventory control processes,and to manage and limit pilferage. Used in industries, such as Logistics, Apparel & Online Shopping, FMCG, Flexible Packaging, Tobacco, and Personal Cosmetics, the tapes are produced to be tamper proof, provide excellent cohesion and adhesive tack, and to reflect attractive visuals for immediate identification and audit checks.

The substrate being BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropelene) films, which give a high tensile and tear strength, are coated with non-toxicpolymer dispersion adhesives with a high solid content and low viscosity. Upon coating the tapes are aging resistant due to the UV factors of the films.

Tuftape™ printed packaging tapes allow for custom printing using high-quality solvent based inks, which are moisture resistant and will retain colour, strength and visual appeal as your cartons travel across continents and climate zones.


Film:BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropelene)
Thickness:25 and 27 microns, 25 being standard
Adhesive Deposit:22 up to 40 microns, 27 being standard
Total Thickness:47 to 65, based on requirement for strength, 52 being standard
Application:Suitable for carton sealing, with or without automatic despensers
Color:Clear, Brown, Crystal Clear, & Any Colour of Choice
Printability:Logo Up to 4 Colours
Width: 12mm – 1320mm, 48mm being standard
Length:50 yards up to 1500 yards, 100 yards being standard
Core Thickness: 3mm
Diameter of Core:76mm
Adhesive:Acrylic Water-Based (Acrylic Solvent-Based on Request)
Shelf Life:12 months at room temperature in dry/clean environment in original packaging
Durability:12 months upon use