Masking Tape


Produced for high-performance applications, Tuftape Masking Tape is made with semi-saturated crepe paper and natural latex rubber-based adhesives because it provides the highest adhesion. With the ability to withstand medium to high temperatures, our tape is made for commercial purposes such as metal preparations, coatings, and paintings.

Additionally, it can be used as a general purpose masking tape for household needs such as paint masking, bundling, and packaging. Extremely flexible and suitable for gentle curves and contours, its quick to stick and tear with a smooth unwind force and upon removal will not leave any residue.

Film:Semi Saturated Crepe Paper
Thickness:135 microns, +/- 3%
Color:Beige, White, Yellow
Width:12mm- 1320mm, 48mm being standard
Length:15 yards up to 150 yards, 30 yards being standard
Core Thickness:3mm
Diameter of Core:76mm
Heat Resistance:80’C / 176’F up to 48 hours
Adhesive:Natural Rubber
Shelf Life:6 months at room temperature in dry/clean environment in original packaging
Durability:2 months upon use